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Realist Creators Youth Foundation Inc is a social Community services organization committed to helping those in need of guidance while advocating for themselves for fair and equal social conditions that aid in positive relationships in their communities. We are driven by our passion to help, so we always work hard in our efforts to build a better future for all of our clients. We partner with several non-profit institutions to better perform our social community service responsibilities. We are dedicated to improving the life quality of everyone in our society. You can reach us on the form below to find out more about us.

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We offer many ways to get in touch with us, either through our website or over the phone. If you have an urgent query we recommend calling during business hours, as you'll get fast and reliable help more quickly, and a friendly voice on the other side of the line. You can also contact us through our website if you have an inquiry that doesn't need an immediate response. We guarantee professional consultation from a cordial team that will go above and beyond to provide assistance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to Re-Create the Social Norms for the Youth in our communities by changing their outcomes through critical thinking and with the formation of important relationships with community resources and also developing opportunities that aid in positive outcomes for the future of our Youths lives and Local Economic Health. Our mission serves as a contribution to the organizations in our collaborative partnerships and community resources.


What is Social Development by Design? Our Directors have been making this a reality since 2013, we have been a part of the community for Youth Development in many ways. Social Development by Design was created by Realist Creators to re-align our community with the needs of our Youth.

We are Social Development Providers

Realist Creators is a provider of Social Development Services: • Advocacy Training • Social Coaching • Community Management • Referral Counseling • Service Volunteerism • Guidance Support • Collaborative Exchanges All of our services are provided at a convenient time for our Youth. Either During school, after School, and on Sundays. We operate outside of the Academic Calendar because we know our Youth need to find opportunities to be social during days and times when school is not in session. Programs are on an AS NEEDED basis and for services that we don’t provide directly we link our Youth to other Organizations. However, we have been familiarized and categorized through collaboration for Facilitating youth groups by TIP Teens in Progress under the leadership of Paulette Chatman in the past. Currently we are Volunteers for the Food Bank of WNY which helps us to provide lucrative opportunities for our Youth in areas such as completing Community Service Hours. Pictured Below is our Founder as a Youth Development Professional under the Leadership of Jennifer Alston at the time of employment with Boys & Girls Clubs at Cleveland Hill School.


As a member of the Youth community we realize the need for positive Growth in a world filled with so many challenges. So we decided that in order to help our Youth with positive Social growth we needed to change how we look at them. We give our Youth opportunities to “Get Real!” making THEIR reality a privilege and not an option gives our Youth endless possibilities. Perception is a Social Right because everyone is allowed to have an opinion but not everyone gets an opportunity to be seen in a positive light. Today’s Youth are At-Risk because of the lack in Social Skills and Realist Creators Youth Foundation has decided to go against the Social Norms with a Development Design that fits each individual youth that we serve according to their own plans for success.


Our Youth are the future we need them to be successful in decision making, critical thinking and positive outcomes because we’re all in this community together. Our Directors all agree that our Youth should be given an opportunity to Re-Create their Success to become better citizens than the Youth generations before them. Let’s face it times have changed, our Youth have access to so many social platforms in this Century! They have more friendships, they enjoy different ideas and they have the ability to socialize on a much larger scale. So WHY NOT Design their own Social Realities?


Realist Creators wasn’t meant to be just any kind of Youth Foundation. Realist Creators was founded based on experience, research and defining Youth is in its entirety! We know what kinds of challenges come along with attempting to “Re-Create” the thought process of perception. So we have thoroughly figured out where we should begin our venture.... Youth between the ages of 18-30 can become Creators of their own Realities. There’s a method to this reasoning: Age 18 for most people determines ADULTHOOD!!!! This age is usually when Young People WILLINGLY begin to see for themselves what they are truly made of, how much useful information they have retained and what’s going to be their outcome for the rest of their lives. ***If your family has children younger than age 18, we have services that also cater to Youth 18 & under. You can ask us how by sending us a message with your name, email and phone number in the “Send a Message” portion of this website. Select General enquiry and tell us about your request. Don’t forget to check mark the I accept box before sending your message and we will be more than happy to assist you with any questions.***


Outro Decision making, Critical thinking and Positive outcomes through positive social development is crucial to overcome the challenges of becoming an Adult. Every person has their own unique design from birth, it takes a Real Creative process to be purposeful in Life and we can’t do it alone. We need resources from our own communities to be vital steppingstones in the Process of becoming purposeful! So in order to exhibit the direction to take when helping our Youth we’ve decided that we don’t need to Re-Create the wheel by making similar programs to meet the needs of our Youth. Instead what we’ve done is Consolidate our Resources! Just email us to ask how: [email protected]


Our experience range is Wide across the Scale of Youth Development together we have built Realist Creators Youth Foundation based off of the many ways that we have found our purpose in this life! Through each and every individual challenge our Leadership Skills have always been the forefront of how we categorize our beliefs and our relationships. With that said you can rely on our background and our experience to work together for our Youth in ways that will help to make A difference!!!


We accept all forms of donations! We are a Tax Exempt 501c 3 Organization. Public, private, & corporate donations are welcome to extend kindness through donations and ALL donations are considered tax deductible.






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